Eastside Market Italian Deli

Eastside Market Italian Deli $  1013 Alpine Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012. This authentic family owned Italian gem is located just off the

Eastside Market Italian Deli, Est. 1929, Photo by Steve Karbelnig, All Rights Reserved

beaten path on quiet Alpine Street adjacent to iconic Sunset Boulevard, just a stone’s throw from DTLA, and a short walk from one of our favorite picture framing stores, Downtown Framing Outlet. As an Italian Deli, this one’s the real deal where you can get a fresh and delicious hot or cold real Italian sub sandwich. This vintage market has been there since 1929 so just its longevity in the heart of this vibrant City speaks for itself. The guys behind the counter have that no-nonsense Italian attitude you’d expect in a place like this, but it took

Eastside Deli Market Counter, LA, Photo by Steve Karbelnig, All Rights Reserved

almost no effort to get them to crack a smile. The traditional Italian Sub with Cheese (#9) is a great entry level sub that is tasty and savory, and served on a hyper fresh soft Italian roll. We’re told that the best seller (no doubt!) is the mouth watering hot Roast Beef, Pastrami and Cheese (#7). Although the daily special “Chicken Parmesan” looks amazing so

we’re definitely going back to try it! And you gotta know that a place that attracts

Eastside Deli Market, LA, Photo by Steve Karbelnig, All Rights Reserved

firefighters and construction workers, and decorates with Vin Scully street signs (and who doesn’t love former Dodgers’ announcer and Hall of Famer Vin Scully!) and a Dodgers‘ autographed tee shirt among lots of other fun tchotchkes has to be great. So our rating: A for food; A for value; A for service; A for atmosphere (great L.A. vintage place with lots of cool stuff and old photos on the walls!)


Bestia $$$$$  2121 E. 7th Place, Los Angeles, CA  90021. Have you ever heard great things about a movie and then when you saw it, you felt it didn’t quite live up to all the hype? Well, that’s how we felt about Bestia. But don’t get us wrong – this is definitely a place to check out. Bestia (Italian for “Beast”) has been recognized for a number of years now as one of the best restaurants in L.A.

“Bestia” Photo by Steve Karbelnig, All Rights Reserved

It is owned and operated by Ori Menache and Genevieve Gergis, a great looking and highly talented husband and wife team, both of whom are L.A. area natives. (Genevieve is the pastry chef and we love the fact that she learned to bake while studying to be a classical French horn player. Ovi’s background and experience is very impressive as well.) Bestia is multi-regional Italian and very popular. It can be hard to get a reservation without persistence unless you want to go at an off-hour. While the food was very good and sophisticated, there were no wow moments or tastes that made us think OMG. It is located in the very cool Arts District of L.A. and the restaurant itself is upbeat, trendy, bustling, a bit phrenetic and noisy with a lively crowd filled with lots of hipsters and wannabes. However, unlike some of the snobbery and attitude that we have found at other hip places, Bestia is friendly, welcoming and delighted that we were there, especially for the first time. The restaurant’s look is mostly unoriginal as it looks like so many newer restaurants these days, done in early industrial, wearhousey (it is a converted industrial space), lots of exposed brick, rustic fixtures and plenty of reclaimed-looking wood. (Check out the unique display of bathroom tile!)

“Bestia” Photo by Steve Karbelnig, All Rights Reserved

The tables are close together and there is outside dining that is pleasant and quieter. Nonetheless, we did enjoy the atmosphere and it’s cool boisterous vibe. The service was excellent bar none and we did not feel rushed. The house specialty cocktails are delightful, unique and fun. The tasty food is presented very nicely along with a detailed description of each plate as it is served.  The wine list is more than adequate and mostly in the pricey range. So our rating is: B+ for food; B+ for value; A+ for service (the restaurant gets a B for keeping us waiting for 15-20 minutes past our reservation time); A- for atmosphere.