Photo of the Week- Just Another Day at the Antigua Mercado

Antigua Mercado, Guatemala. Photo by Steve Karbelnig, all rights reserved

Another bustling Saturday at the Mercado in Antigua, Guatemala. Colorful umbrellas work hard to shield mothers and babies from the hot mid-day sun. Everything imaginable is for sale from four-inch thick zanahorias (carrots), to fresh in-season mangos, to freshly made black-corn tortillas, fish and shrimp, chicken, meat of all kinds, dried iguanas, and all types of clothing, shoes, CD’s and more. The million-photo sights along with the pungent smells and the loud voices of the vendedores (sellers) make this an E-ticket ride.

Everyone is focused on either selling or buying something so I seem to be the only one that has noticed that Volcán Fuego (Volcano of Fire) has just started violently erupting spewing lava and smoke high into the air. It settled down after a few minutes only to roar again within the next half hour as it seems to do. Just another day at the Mercado.

Photo of the Week- Wedding Surprise!

Two smartly dressed little niños with perfectly gelled and styled hair (at the left) have decided that this wedding procession is way too somber and boring for them so they are secretly scheming to pop a few balloons to liven things up. The bride in her beautiful traditional clothing certainly doesn’t look happy and she is keeping her distance from the groom who is gazing down at the ground. The seemingly sad guests look as if they’ve just attended a funeral. So here they go… POP! POP! POP! (which happened just moments after I took this photo).

Wedding Procession, San Antonio Aguas Calientes, Guatemala. Photo by Steve Karbelnig, all rights reserved