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Griffith Observatory super moon eclipse
Waiting for super moon eclipse at Griffith Observatory. Photo by Steven Karbelnig all rights reserved.

Welcome and thanks for visiting News From The Pollywog Cafe. This lovely blog Cafe was created and designed to bring a fresh perspective to things, places, people and ideas in and around the City of Los Angeles, and sometimes other places on planet Earth. You’ll also find honest, authentic and concise restaurant reviews for those of you who want to discover a new place to eat.  Also, you’ll want to check out our “Waiting in Line” feature where you’ll find out those places with the worst, snail-slow lines, even if we otherwise love the place. And don’t forget to look at our stunning Photo of the Month section.

News From The Pollywog Cafe is also the Official Home of L.A. HAIKU, the first and only site of its kind in the world to bring wonderfully creative and entertaining Haiku (yes, that’s the plural of Haiku) and photos about the City of Los Angeles. You might find a Haiku about a favorite place or thing in or around L.A. — or you might discover new places and things. Go ahead and try to find your favorite Haiku – that is, if you can decide since they’re all great!

Here at the Cafe, the menu changes all the time so keep coming back as you won’t want to miss anything. Let yourself wander. You never know what you might find here where it’s always an adventure!

We hope that you will make this your favorite blog Cafe.  Feel free to come by anytime, hang out, stay a while, relax and enjoy. Whether you visit by yourself or with friends – everyone is welcome.

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