Welcome to News From The Pollywog Cafe – a lovely little virtual spot to gather, collect yourself, laugh, learn, smirk, think, and reflect. There’s lots to digest in this crazy-busy world of ours.  Here at the Cafe, you’ll find a nice place to escape for a few  and just enjoy.

The menu of this wonderfully eclectic Cafe features lots of delectable delights for your reading pleasure where the ingredients focus on life in and around the City of Los Angeles, aka the City of the Angels, aka La Ciudad de Los Angeles, or as our regulars simply call it, L.A. (El Eigh?).  Or we might throw in some interesting ingredients from other parts of the world as well. And the menu changes all the time so keep coming back as you won’t want to miss anything. You never know what you might find here at the Cafe.

Some days, the chef’s specials include some curious thoughts and perspectives — things to ponder, reflect on, laugh about or just experience. Let yourself wander. Other days, you may find honest, legitimate and concise reviews of restaurants since we are major foodies here at the Cafe. And you may want to check out the Walking the Line feature where we tell you those places that have the worst lines, even if we otherwise love the place.

As you enjoy the Cafe, you might find out about other fun things to check out as you venture around and explore El Eigh. The Cafe is like using Waze – finding new routes to lots of things in the City that you just may never have known about.

News From The Pollywog Cafe is also the original home to L.A. HAIKU, the first and only site of its kind in the world to bring wonderful, creative and entertaining Haiku (yes, that’s the plural of Haiku) and photos about the City of Los Angeles. You might find a Haiku about a favorite place or thing in or around L.A. — or you might discover new places and things. You never know, but stay tuned and check back often. Being here is always an adventure!

So wipe off your feet and come on it – you’re always welcome.  We hope you enjoy your time at the Cafe where the News is always (or almost always) fit to print, the service is great, the customers are awesome and friendly and the portions are as plentiful and tasty as your favorite Thanksgiving dinner.